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As a Florida native and full-time resident of the Tampa Bay area, Keith
has over 20 years of RV experience. He is an NRVIA certified inspector
and an NRVIA registered RV technician with RVTAA training for A/C
repair. He currently owns an Itasca Meridian 42e Diesel Pusher that is
used for both business, and pleasure travels as time allows.

In addition to his RV knowledge, experience and training, Keith has over
42 years of extensive experience in various industries performing
inspections, repairs, and calibrations on a wide variety of equipment
including the United States Navy, Power Plant project management for
instrumentation and control systems, and Nuclear Mass Flow systems
to name a few. These years of experience and attention to detail
provide him with the skills necessary to professionally inspect and
detail his findings for any type of RV.

Owning an RV is a serious investment. Over the past several years there
has been a huge increase in first time RV owners. An inspection will not
only help to educate owners, but more importantly will evaluate the
life safety and numerous operational systems on-board your new or
used RV. G-Tec also offers pre- or post-delivery walk-thru and general
training of onboard systems.

G-Tec RV Inspections and Services will provide you with the knowledge
you need to choose the right RV for your RV lifestyle, giving you the
confidence in your purchase or sale so you and your family can enjoy it
worry free.

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